LASER is short for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. They use a single wavelength of light to deliver energy to a certain target within the skin. These targets are usually pigment, blood vessels or the haemoglobin found in red blood cells. As such, there are lasers with different wavelengths for a variety of conditions from acne to thread veins, to rejuvenation of the skin to help with improving wrinkles or scars.

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  • This letter is written to express my very sincere thanks, and compliments, to you and every single member of your team for the courtesy and genuine earnest kindness that pervaded and prevailed during the several hours that my stay with you lasted.

    C Willis

  • Everything that I saw, or with which I was involved seemed to take place properly, nicely and thoughtfully and these comments I make apply to all other members of the operating theatre team from Mr Kenneth Kok downwards whose knowledge, skill and efficiency seemed to be applied so naturally and pleasantly.


  • You and your team put me at ease before my surgery and also the operation was reassuringly successful. 


  • Thank you for what you have done professionally for very clear explanations and all the rest – a warm human approach. You have what the french call ‘symphathetique’ and I am grateful to you. 


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