The normal position of the brow is different in males and females. Nevertheless, with age and gravity the brow droops. This can result in a tired or angry appearance. Muscles on the forehead will try to compensate by pulling the brow upwards resulting in the formation of forehead wrinkles. A brow lift is a surgical operation that can help to reverse some of these changes by lifting and redraping the brow to a higher position. It can be combined with a blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the upper third of the face.

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Types Of Browlift


open/coronal browlift

This is an effective method of lifting the brow however it involves a long scar over the scalp which runs from ear to ear. The scars heal well and will not be noticeable in the long term provided there is hair coverage.


suture suspension browlift

This browlift technique involves incisions in the hairline followed by lifting of the brow skin and suspension at a higher point with the use of sutures.


endoscopic browlift

Utilising key hole surgery and the use of hand held scopes. The brow is lifted and suspended through a total of 4-5 incisions in the scalp and hairline. The lift is maintained with the use of screws and sutures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A browlift can be done under a local or general anaesthetic and usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the technique used. You will be admitted on the day of surgery and depending on which technique is employed, you may go home the same day or stay overnight in hospital. The incisions are stitched closed and will need to be removed at 5-7 days. 

After your operation, you should expect some bruising and swelling which is normal. This usually takes 10-14 days to settle down. Although recovery is different in everyone, most people feel well enough to return to work after 2 weeks. You should still avoid strenuous exercises for 4-6 weeks. Immediately after your operation, the brow may seem a little high however over a period of a few weeks, this drops to the appropriate position.

Your wounds will be checked at 5-7 days and the sutures will be removed. Following that, you will have a further appointment at 6 weeks and 3 months to review the outcome.

A browlift is a routine operation with the vast majority of patients being happy with the results however it is important you understand the potential risks and complications that can occur

Scarring : The scars in a browlift are sited mainly within the hair or hairline so tend to be hidden. The exception is in bald men where the scars will be evident

Infection : Infection can occasionally occur although it is quite uncommon. If you develop an infection, you will require a course of antibiotics 

 Loss of sensation : There may be a degree of sensation loss in the scalp above the scars. This is usually temporary however they can be permanent

Wound breakdown : Wound breakdown is uncommon. If it occurs, it will require dressings to allow it to heal. It may result in a poorer quality scar if it occurs

Bleeding : Although every effort is taken to control bleeding, a blood clot may occasionally form beneath the brow. If this occurs, you will require removal of the clot in theatre

Hair loss : There may be some minor hair loss around the incision sites however it is unlikely that it will be noticeable

Asymmetry : Although the same operation is performed to both sides of the brow, there may be small differences between them

Further information can be downloaded here in this Face and Brow Lift guide

What my patients say

5* Surgeon 5* Experience
5* Surgeon 5* Experience
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Mr Kok had been recommended to me by several people at various times, so when the time came for me to explore my surgery options, I had no hesitation in booking my consultation. Right from our first meeting I knew I had found someone that I felt comfortable with and more ......
Thank You Dr Kok
Thank You Dr Kok
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I went to Ken for a consultation for Breast Augmentation quite a few times, before having my procedure. Finally this year I did it. I seen a few surgeons for consultation, as I thought it was a good idea to speak to more than one and have the opportunity to ask questions and have answers, as well as do my research about breast implants and the procedure. I have to say I knew Ken was the...
My smile just keeps getting bigger and bigger
My smile just keeps getting bigger and bigger
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I was already familiar with my doctor Mr Kenneth Kok, as he had performed my... way overdue breast implant change earlier in the year with a fabulous outcome. I was so happy with my result that when I wanted to explore options for my lower facelift procedure, Mr Kok was the only doctor I wanted to put my trust in again.After several thorough, detailed consults, I felt I had been given well...
Amazing Surgeon
Amazing Surgeon
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Ken is an incredible surgeon. Throughout the process he went above and beyond in answer my questions and concerns and then the results speak for themselves. A beautifully clean scar that I’m sure will fade to nothing. Cannot recommend Ken enough to anyone looking for this procedure
Perfect All Round
Perfect All Round
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My rhinoplasty surgery went better then I could ever imagine. From consultation to the final result Kenneth Kok made sure there was no unanswered questions and absolutely no pressure placed on me to go ahead with the procedure. I am very happy with the end result and there was 0 pain from start to finish. Kenneth would be the first person I would recommend to anyone.
Fantastic experience with Dr. Kok
Fantastic experience with Dr. Kok
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During my consultations, I never felt pressured or rushed into the procedure, in fact Dr Kok advised me to take the time to think about it before booking a date with him. Dr Kok answered all my questions beforehand, and also provided me with his contact information in case I wanted further information at any time. I didn't go into the surgery with any expectations, my only requests were for...