Breast asymmetry correction


Breast asymmetry is essentially breasts which are unequal in size, shape or both. It is normal to have minor differences between your breasts however if there is a great difference, it can result in self-consciousness and difficulty with finding undergarments and clothes that fit. Some women may avoid activities such as swimming or going to the gym for example because of breast asymmetry.
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There are three forms of breast asymmetry :


Developmental breast asymmetry

The commonest form of breast asymmetry where the breasts are a normal shape but of unequal sizes


Tuberous breast

Patients with this form of deformity have small droopy breasts which have a narrow base and a large nipple. It can occur on one side or on both sides



This is a relatively rare syndrome where there is a developmental problem with the breasts resulting in absence or very small breasts associated with other findings such as the lack of chest wall muscle development and abnormal hand development


Frequently Asked Questions

No two women with breast asymmetry are the same and your treatment will be tailored to your requirements as well as the abnormality. In some cases, operating on one breast alone, either augmenting it with an implant or performing a breast reduction procedure may achieve symmetry with the normal preferred breast. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of both breasts then you can opt for a differential reduction (removing different amounts of tissue from each breasts) or a differential augmentation (using different size implants or fat grafting) to match the breasts. After your consultation, the options available to you will be discussed so that you may make an informed decision

Your follow up will depend on what procedure you eventually have

These depend on what procedure you eventually have